Prolong the Life of the Pool

The easiest and most cost-effective way to prolong the life of any pool is to keep it clean. Pool Cleaning Lakeland, completed on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis will add several years to the life expectancy of a swimming pool. A pool is a major investment so it needs to be properly maintained to protect it. A clean pool is also healthier, clearer, and requires less chemicals.

Components of Proper Cleaning

Pools need to be surface skimmed every day it is open. A manual skimmer is cheap and the task only takes a few minutes. When debris is still on the surface of the water, it is easier to remove and has not yet gotten into the filtering system. Cleaning out strainer baskets is also part of daily maintenance.

Weekly maintenance consists of vacuuming the pool and brushing the walls to reduce the buildup of algae and remove calcium deposits. The filter needs to be cleaned as well so the pool can operate more efficiently, which keeps costs down. Test the water to be sure there are recommended amounts of chlorine and the pH level is balanced. Much of this maintenance can be completed by pool owners.

Professional Maintenance

Those who would prefer to enjoy the pool more than tend to it can hire a pool cleaning company Lakeland to take care of weekly maintenance. Having the pump and heater inspected periodically is wise to avoid major repairs. The pump can get clogged, accumulate dirt on the moving parts, and begin to pump water slower. This is evident by an odor, dingy water, and the sound of pump. Get that inspected as soon as possible for better efficiency and a cleaner pool.

Commercial Pool cleaning Lakeland requires maintenance on a more diligent scale due to heavy usage and health regulations. Finding a pool cleaning service Lakeland that provides commercial services will ensure healthier swimming conditions, lower the risk of communicable diseases, and lower energy costs.

Compliance and Liability

Remaining in compliance with oversight regulations will also save time and money. The fines for non-compliance are high and the pool can be closed if it does not pass inspection. A professionally maintained pool also lowers liability risks for the facility. Managers can concentrate on operating the facility, while professionals keep the pool clean and safe.

Liability is also reduced for homeowners when pools are professionally maintained. There is documentation of every visit, every task completed, and results of water testing. Having the pool winterized professionally will reduce danger risks and prevent damage to the structure of the pool.

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